politica ambientale italiana, politica agricola, normativa comunitaria agricoltura, rivista politica agricola internazionale, normativa agricola, polica agricola italiana

politica ambientale italiana, politica comunitaria agricola, normativa comunitaria agricoltura  
normativa ambientale, politica agricola, politica settore agricoltura
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rivista normativa agricola, normativa comunitaria agricola, normativa UE, politica agricola nazionale, politica agricola ambientale, norme agricoltura, norme comunitarie agricole, normativa ambientale italiana

International Agricultural Policy
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International Agricultural Policy

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Francesco Marangon, Stefania Troiano
New tools for the EU agricultural sector and rural areas. What role for public policy in promoting payments for ecosystem services?

Antonella Pontrandolfi
Risk management tools in agriculture: some reflections on the opportunities and limitations of the European Commission proposal


Tiziano Tempesta, Daniel Vecchiato, Danièle Aurelie Djumboung, Gianluca Chinazzi
An analysis of the potential effects of the modification of the Prosecco Protected Designation of Origin: a choice experiment

Giovanna Trevisan, Michele Pellizzato
Opportunities and limits of the CFP on the Upper Adriatic coast: applications and operational proposals in support of the fishing sector

Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Giannetto, Angelina De Pascale
Economic, energy and environmental issues of agroenergy chains. An overview of the EU agricultural policy and the concept of  “multifunctionality”


Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy


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